I've been submitted to a project. What next?

If you’ve recently been submitted to a project, and your photos are 6 months are older, it’s time to upload some current "digitals". These are photos that show you as you are, without lots of make-up or styling. so a client can see who they're hiring when they book you. It's important that your current shot has your current hair style. Drastic hair changes can make or break a booking!

What are modeling digitals? Do a quick web search for "modeling digitals" and you’ll see what we are looking for. They will be well-lit, clear photos of men and women wearing simple, form-fitting clothing. If your head shot is old, it is important to have one digital head shot that is current. It doesn't have to be professional, but it does have to be clear and well-lit with a simple background.

Still have questions? Email help@talentsoup.com