How do you define talent?

We define Talent this way:

Professional Model: Free Agent or Represented (have your agent contact us for more information about how we can play together), Experienced, having earned a minimum $1000 day rate in the last year. Tear sheets in your profile as well as your comp card are ideal to maximize your rate.

Fresh Face: New to modeling, independent or represented, some experience but needing to build more work for your portfolio. Made less than $1000 per day in the last year. No tear sheets or examples. Should have a comp card or at least some pro images in your Profile.

Actors: We book lots of actors for projects that need a unique look in front of the camera and our pool of actors never let us down. You might fall somewhere in the range of Pro or Fresh.

Real People: Yep, pretty obvious here. Babies to Grandmothers, we've got them all in every shade and size you can imagine. We love our Real People and our clients do too!

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