How can I create multiple Webcomps for my kids?

Using one email address for multiple family accounts is easy!

  1. Go through the Talent registration process. Remember we like having your whole family in the Soup. Typically, mom is the first account created
  2. Now that you are logged into your new account, go to the My Account tab.
  3. About the middle of that page, you'll see Add Sub Account.
  4. Create your next child's account and create their Webcomp just as before.
  5. Repeat for every member of your family!

Your Primary email is how you'll login. Then hit your My Account tab to manage the family's Webcomps. All communication will come through your email address. Remember to keep your children's photos updated at least every 4 months. Your kids may not get submitted with old photos.

Using One Email For Multiple Accounts from Talent Chef on Vimeo.

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